Having come down with the worst cold ever, thinking of soup…

Yup, it has happened, I have come down with either the flu or a very very bad cold. So, have ½ chicken waiting for attention. Chicken soup is a pretty easy thing to make, and most of us probably have a recipe. Basics like celery, onion, and carrot, some cooked chicken, some chicken stock and then our own flourishes. Today I feel the need for extra healing, so there will be ½ head of chopped garlic, a lot of fresh thyme (I grow herbs both indoors during the winter and outdoors during the rest of the year). I will also chop up one bird’s eye chili pepper (which I also grow) and squeeze in some fresh lime juice and add some chopped baby spinach toward the end of the cooking time. The only question that remains is whether I will want to add barley, make dumplings, or just have a brothy soup…,

On another note, last week hubby and I did our yearly clean up the extra change. We gathered loose change from all of the nooks, crannies, pockets, and purses around our home and sat together rolling them. This year’s effort netted $110.50. Last year there was even more and we put it toward an RRSP this year the funds will go to the highest interest credit card. Two finance gurus, Gail Val-Oxade and Sue (Oprah Magazine) have different ideas about what to do with money lying around the house – for Gail it gets spent as part of her jar system, for Sue is goes to paying down debt. But both agree that the money should not just be lying around the house – other ideas about what to do with the funds: manicure, massage, saving toward a trip, any treat that will help to alleviate stress and the winter blues.

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