Answer a Query, Post a Query

Nina Kaytel had a Eureka moment with the Leibster award.

SweetyShinde nominated me, along with nine other new WordPress bloggers, I am answering her questions below and will follow with ten questions of my own, guess this is a way to get some community spirit going.

As I understand, I need to answer 10 Qs; Then nominate 10 WordPress bloggers (with less than 200 followers, as of now), who in turn have to answer my 10 QS. To find out more about Sweety Shinde and this award go to

1. Which song is your mood-booster?

Many songs elevate my mood, but the all time number one song for this would have to be Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

2. 3 Novel characters you cannot tolerate.

  1. Sorry, nothing comes to mind here – it has been a while since I have had time to sit down with a good novel, I know that some of the characters in Wuthering Heights were a bit annoying.

  2. Your worst nightmare

Two, both water related. One is massive flooding, the other is a worldwide shortage of water 

3. If you were your grandparent, what would you wish to modify in your parent?

Improve on the nurturing and learn to “spare the rod”.

4. Languages you can speak/understand fluidly.

English. Passable French. A wee bit of Spanish

5. The best feature you see in a mirror.

My husband’s smile. (We have a small bathroom

6. 3 things in your life you are grateful for.

My family (including pets), my education, and our home.

7. 3 things to do before you die.

Only three? Write a novel, make a documentary, visit Ireland.

8. 2 inventions you wish had never been invented.

Guns and bombs.

9. 3 tips to avoid road-rage.

Take a bus, walk, deep-breathing.

My ten questions:

  1. What motivated you to start a blog?
  2. What would you consider to be the biggest issue facing the world’s population today?
  3. What is the most out-of-character thing you have ever said or done?
  4. Who inspires you?
  5. Best novel?
  6. Best movie?
  7. Best travel destination?
  8. Best meal?
  9. Favourite comfort food?
  10. Favourite secret pleasure (keep it clean, please J)

My nominees (pending, I cannot figure out how to see how many followers a person has):

Awaiting your replies…

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