Cottage Gardens

The very early stages, removing the existing lawn took time.

The very early stages, removing the existing lawn took time.

It has been a while since I have posted anything, busy with work (grading) and other personal projects. The cholesterol diet did not go as planned and I will be trying again after my next grocery store visit. Meanwhile, I have also started a project:

And a facebook group:

Since purchasing our home four years ago, my husband and I have created an English Cottage Garden in our front yard and a Tuscan style garden in our backyard. The idea is simple, we want to grow food on our small plot of land. We want to grow the food in an organic and sustainable manner. We enjoy fresh tomatoes, berries, asparagus, peas, peppers, and herbs. Some of the plants continue to grow in our windowsill throughout the winter months. The garden is pretty, needs little water, and combines useful flowers to create a pleasant looking space. Neighbours love it and share in the bounty. The project I am starting is to expand this practice through community gardens in the city where I live.

I am interested also in connecting with others who are engaged in or interested in starting similar projects.

Please help me to spread the word. I would love to hear stories, challenges, ideas, recipes for the produce, and the community spirit that i am hoping to help spread.

Thank you.

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