Breakfast for your garden?

Spring is around the corner, and in my part of the world, the third weekend in May is a busy time for home gardeners. So it is time to start getting our gardens ready for spring planting.

Cleaning up is a first step.

Nourishing the soil is the second step. We all know how to clean up our gardens. Here are a couple of ideas for nourishing your garden using the refuse from breakfast.

Egg shells:

  • Clean egg shells to remove the membrane. A little white vinegar will help if you find it too messy with water alone.
  • Crush egg shells with a mortar and pestle to add to tomato beds, they love the calcium.
  • Break up egg shells into pieces (rather than crushing them) and place around planting areas. These sharp bits of shell will repel certain crawly pests like slugs.

Coffee grounds:

  • Use right away, do not use if moldy.
  • Rich in nitrogen.
  • Add to compost.
  • Use as mulch/fertilizer for blueberries, tomatoes and any plant that love acidity and nitrogen.

So there are a few things from your breakfast preparation that can be collected and used to enrich your garden and they do not cost anything (assuming you drink the coffee and eat the eggs, of course).

Happy Gardening and Please share tips and ideas back, I am passionate about growing food and flowers indoors and out.




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