Meatless “Beef Salisbury”

Here is a quick and easy meatless meal, good for a day when you don’t really feel like cooking.


1 package Yves Meatless Ground Beef

½ onion, roughly chopped (you may also add chopped bell peppers, grean peas, chopped carrot, or leftover veggies from last night’s dinner)

Grapeseed oil

½ – 1 cup of your favourite gravy (I use dark Bisto)

Serve with Mushroom Risotto


Heat skillet

Add grapeseed oil to cover bottom of pan

Add chopped onions and crumbled meatless meat product (use whatever brand you like)

Heat through on medium until onions are soft and “meat” is heated through

Add gravy

Meanwhile reheat or prepare your risotto (I am using frozen today, ready in five minutes)


How easy was that!

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