This time is for real.

The cholesterol-reducing diet and exercise plan is on. My cholesterol is still really high, but not that work obligations are reduced, I have the time to really put all of the advice into an action plan. The two-week meal plan that I posted earlier did help as it made me more mindful of food choices when I was away from home. But…

So today’s recipe is a low-cost, vegetarian pasta dish. During the summer months I am able to use ingredients from our garden, but for now it is store bought goods.

Pasta with onions and garlic.

Ingredients (for two):

Dry pasta (your choice, I like linguini or spagetti, half a package)

Olive or Grape Seed oil to coat pan and a bit more

One onion, chopped

Two or three cloves of garlic, finely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

One can good quality tomatoes

Optional: you may also add artichoke hearts, capers, pitted olives, baby spinach, chili peppers, and/or anchovies to the pan sauce


Cook pasta according to instructions on package.


Heat a pan, add oil (a good glug), once oil is hot add onions. Saute about three minutes, then add garlic and any other veggies or seasonings.

When pasta is cooked, toss in the olive oil and softened onion/garlic mixture.

Serve with room temperature canned tomatoes and juice, sprinkle with dried chili flakes if desired.

Note: When I use fresh tomatoes I heat them in the pan with a bit of the starchy water from the pasta to make a pan-sauce.

The result is a low-cost, low-cholesterol, and very tasty meal. One of my summer favorites!

Now it is time to go out and buy some yard bags — getting the yard ready for planting…

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