Cottage Garden Crafts

So a few days ago I started a small craft project. It is turning out quite well.Image

Basically, the idea is to find a pastime that is both creative and relaxing. I love to wear strings of beads, I love to garden, so I am putting the two together. I bought some plain wooden beads and brewed some tea, coffee, and flower petals (three separate “brewings”) and have died the beads. The colours are gorgeous, hibiscus red, a deep coffee brown, and a mellow goji tea pale yellow. Right now I have some blue brewing using purple pansy petals. Seems to me a better use of these blooms and leftover tea and coffee than throwing them out! By the way, I also made the pinch pots you see in the third photography (part of the pottery class I took over the winter). Relaxing is a part of the whole health things, and this new project is proving to be great fun! I have yet to varnish and string the beads and will post a pic of the final result when it is done. Meanwhile, happy blogging and thanks for reading!




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