10 small things…

Always on the lookout for inspiration, I was recently invited to view a website called “Trashed: 10 small things”. The premise is simple, people are asked to commit to making 10 small changes that will lead to a more sustainable lifestyle, to protect the environment, and to reduce our carbon footprint. So for my next 10 posts, I will use the theme of 10 small things starting with a list of 10 small things that I do, or will commit to doing to improve the environment, or at least reduce the damage generated by my household. Any and all ideas around this theme are welcome so please feel free to use the comment section to contribute ideas. So here are 10 small things that can help the planet.

1. Use tap water. If the water quality in your area is suspect, purchase a good quality filter. If you are so inclined get on the city council and other people in the position to improve the water quality for everybody.

2. If you garden, consider spot watering thirsty plants and planting varieties that need little water. This will save on your water bill and on water usage in general. 

3. Purchase or make a rain barrel.

4. Bees are now considered endangered, if you have the space, plant some flowers that will help sustain them.

5. Consider using natural cleaning products (lemon, vinegar, baking soda) instead of chemical laden products.

6. Salvage items to prevent excessive landfill. For instance, we just salvaged four old plastic chairs by painting them. A more eco-friendly, but difficult salvage would be to cover them with fabric.

7. Use rags (from old sheets and towels) instead of paper towel and disposable wipes. Consider using microfibre cloths in the same way.

8. Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic.

9. Walk or take public transit instead of driving.

10. Buy local whenever possible.

These are 10 small things that might make a huge difference one household at  a time.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any other ideas please share them, I am always looking for ways to live a better life.

Getting ready to make homemade dye from flower petals (midnight blue tulips in this case). I also save some for pot pourri.



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