What to do when stuck in an airport terminal?

Responding to daily prompt.

This has happened to me on more than one occasion. What I do is find a seat at a bar or coffee counter and meet new people. One day, I was stuck at La Guardia in NYC. Easy to remember because it was the day Michael Jackson died. I sat at the bar and had a very pricey American pint of beer and spoke with a few different people while waiting for my flight. The death of a major pop star provided a common topic. Another thing I like to do while waiting in airports is observe people, and yes, I confess, eavesdrop. Airports can be very fascinating places — people coming and going, reuniting with loved ones, leaving loved ones, mourning, starting new ventures — all of this makes for an energy-charged atmosphere. I think I might go and spend a few hours at the nearest airport next time I feel writer’s block!

5 thoughts on “What to do when stuck in an airport terminal?

  1. The airport will provide a broad canvass to write on and hopefully give you ample cure for any impending writer’s block! You have a great blog….so glad I visited. I look forward to reading more!


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