10 small things to grow in containers…

Here are some photos of the  container garden from our backyard. Most of these plants were grown from seed. Lots of mistakes being newbies, but a pretty good harvest. All of these plants can also be grown in a window indoors or on a balcony. Sorry, used the wrong software, so could not crop. The plastic bottle is an organic fungicide that we use on our red currant bush (photo and blog post to follow). Really enjoying the radish greens and spring onions.



Basil, chocolate mint, and marigolds


Baby spinach and fennel


Sugar snap peas, lemon balm, and sage


Green peas and radish greens






Spring onions



2 thoughts on “10 small things to grow in containers…

    1. Hi
      I don’t use any manure. I start the seeds in these little “jiffy pellets” that have some sort of growing medium, make sure that the pots have good drainage, and tend to them daily. I have of course had seedlings fail but my chilies and herbs have always done well. As you can see from the photos, I overplanted the radishes, so we have been eating the greens, which are delicious. The trick is to keep the plants moist but not overwatered. And of course they need sunshine. I have not tried mustard yet, but mustard greens are one of my favorite foods. There were four fennel seedlings and only one survived. The other trick is to start more seeds, if they all take you can always share with a neighbor.


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