Seven things to do with photographs.

Have a bit of a camera bug? With all of the digital cameras, photo-retouching software programs, and quality printers, there are lots of ways that you can use photographs. Here are seven ideas:

1. Print in black and white and place in simple frames, you can create very arty looking images this way.

2. Play around with other effects (sepia for example) using software such as Inkscape (a free, open-source program that is easy to use)


Photo transformed to sepia effect using Inkscape.

Photo transformed to sepia effect using Inkscape.


3. Create decoupage. All you need is a smooth object (bowl, small piece of wood, a plate etc), some white glue or mod podge, a sponge or paint brush, and a damp cloth. Paint a thin coat of glue and smooth the photo over the object. Once it is dry, cover with decoupage medium, such as mod podge and voila your own crafty item featuring your favorite picture.

4. Create a collage (similar process, but images are arranged in a design)

5. Print on canvas and frame.

6. Create your own “movie” for home or youtube. I have linked to my first effort, a youtube “movie” of our front yard.

7. Frame as they are.

You can purchase frames, take mini-classes to up your photography skills, and find interesting papers to use in collages and decoupage on-line. (affiliate link, I do earn a commission if you choose to take a class or buy supplies or patterns here, and there are some lovely ideas for decoupage projects, as well as online classes)

And of course, share the pictures and pictures of your art on your blog!

2 thoughts on “Seven things to do with photographs.

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