Greetings, and thanks for visiting. I am a medical anthropologist by training and a part-time lecturer with a concern for matters of social justice, sustainability, and a passion for research and writing. This is my hobby blog and is dedicated to gardening, cooking, and reading. I hope that you enjoy!

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Heya Dee,
    I don’t know if you remember me but I commented on an old post forever ago. I’ve been involved in tons of stuff (I’ve completely renovated my blog and swamped myself in classes for an astrophysics major) but I’ve recently been checking out the blogs I looked at when I first started seven months ago, and I noticed that a lot of them have been completely redone since I last checked. Yours looks just the same (that’s a good thing!) but I was curious, how’s that book coming? You mentioned you were writing one in a post forever ago.
    Best regards and hope to drop by again soon!


  2. That is a really great idea, my husband works in mental health and diet as it related to physical health and income plays a large role in the quality of a consumers mental health. Can’t wait to have a look around on my own behalf since I love cooking and part of the pleasure is finding new recipes and different ways to approach old favorites. Hope to see more and it was lovely to E-meet you.


    1. Thank you, I have not been doing as much with this site as I had intended but will be working on more fixes (the avocado with greek yogurt was really nice, did not miss the sour cream at all). It is challenging though to find healthy (or at least healthier) meals for people on a budget. Anyway thanks again for your nice comment, coming over to visit your blog in a mo.


  3. You had asked for some input for your site so I’ll just give some observations but you must do what you want..
    1. You have all your information at the bottom of this page. It’s really not very visible when readers come to your site. Perhaps you could put (some) ? of it at the side… if you do have side bars.
    2. I think perhaps you could have it appear all pages and not just this one.
    3. This page should really be your ‘About” page
    4. Your ‘home’ would start with your latest blog with the earlier ones showing beneath *usually” 10 showing on one scroll…. ie scroll down and be able to see 10 and then there will be an indication to go to earlier posts. This is done by settings . If you need help finding …. it’s Settings – Reader – Front Page Displays….check beside ‘your latest posts’ then
    Scroll…. Blog page shows 10 Syndicated feeds… 10 Then for each Article in Feed.. Summary… and then don’t forget to go to the bottom and ‘Save Changes”….

    These are only suggestions ….Happy Blogging… Diane

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      1. Hi Dee, I hope you don’t think this is a criticism, just wanted to agree with the suggestions from the previous post. I had a hard time finding your About page which is your introduction to new visitors. I ended up going to start here, obvious at second glance though. lol
        I liked your brief description of your background and the reason that inspired this blog. I wish you lots of fun!


      2. Thank you, and I will try to sort out this problem. Still really new to this and not sure about how to work with this template. Thanks again, I will visit your blog soon (or again soon).


  4. I actually thought I’d made some comments on the community pool re your site…but am wondering if they were too much and you took them down… so hesitate to re-do them… If somehow I didn’t update them and you’d like input still let me know ..otherwise I’ll understand… Diane


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